The Kanaloa Kitchen

Take a look at the Kanaloa food menu and get ready to indulge in some truly tropical treats. Our hot and juicy nibbles, burgers, platters and sharers are the perfect way to get your Tiki party started. Allergen information can be found at the bottom of this page.

Kanaloa Burgers...

Beef burger

Price: 9

Beef burger with chargrilled pineapple and skinny fries

Chicken burger

Price: 9

Succulent chicken breast burger served with chargrilled pineapple and skinny fries

Chick pea and spinach

Price: 9

Chick pea and spinach burger with chargrilled pineapple ring and skinny fries


Price: 1

Choose from: crispy streaky bacon, mature cheddar & jalapeno hot

Kanaloa Nibbles...

Thai spicy crackers

Price: 3

with sweet chilli dip

Roasted nuts

Price: 3

Edamame beans

Price: 3.5

toasted in sesame oil, chilli flakes and sea salt

Voodoo chicken wings

Price: 4.5

Seared beef sashimi

Price: 8.5

with fresh pea shoots

Babyback ribs

Price: 6.5

Oven cooked with toasted sesame seeds and finished with sashimi dressing

Spiced lamb cutlets

Price: 12

with yoghurt dip

Steamed dim sum

Price: 6.5

with lime and soya sauce, please ask your server for today’s variety

Salt and chilli squid

Price: 7

Tempura battered squid with lime and soya dip

Skinny fries

Price: 3.5

with thousand island sauce

Platters and Sharers...

Island Luau Platter

Price: 48

Thai crackers, seared beef sashimi, baby back ribs, spiced lamb cutlets, steamed dim sum, salt and chili tempura battered squid.

Crispy Duck Platter

Price: 18

Crispy duck with pancakes, hoi sin sauce, shredded cucumber, spring onion and Thai crackers

Spicy Corn Chips

Price: 10

Smothered with melted cheese, jalapenos, chunky salsa, guacamole and sour cream and chive dip.

Something Sweet...

Chargrilled Pineapple

Price: 4.5

Chargrilled pineapple with vanilla bean ice cream


Fanciful Tipples

Cast your eye over our delicious drinks menu. At Kanaloa bar, we’re experts when it comes to cocktails, and our tropical, fruity creations, presented in our signature Tiki-style cups will put you in the mood to go wild.



Price: 9.6

Gordon’s, Absolut Citron, Triple Sec, elderflower, lime

25p of the price of this cocktail will be donated to the charity Cheers for Cheer

Missionary’s Downfall

Price: 11

The most famous of all beachcombers, Don Beach famously lured the locals into bigamy with this little number: Havana 3, peach brandy, fresh pineapple and mint, it’ll have your knickers in a twist before you know it!

Pina Colada

Price: 11

Havana 3 rum blended with Koko Kanu, fresh lime and pineapple cunningly disguised as a pineapple so no-one will know what you’re up to… except you

Coconut Cannonball

Price: 11

Much, much more than meets the eye and not for the foolish! Filled with Havana 3 and an explosive mix of guanabana juice & gardenia honey syrup, with a ginger ale top.


Price: 15

Our interpretation of Don Beach’s monster drink includes 7 different rums, splashes of absinthe, Wray & Nephew, spiced liqueurs, maraschino cherry liqueur, pomegranate, passion and grapefruits.

Rum Runner

Price: 11

Keeping the castaways happy, this delightful concoction includes Havana 3, Chambord berry liqueur and banana liqueur shaken with pineapple juice, fresh lime, almond and pomegranate syrups

Voodoo Mai Tai

Price: 13

Kanaloa’s own twist on trader Vic’s baby instead of the original and best just as ol Vic intended. £ 13.00

Banana Ting

Price: 11

Quit monkey-ing around and get on this concoction of Gordon’s, banana liqueur, Ting and star anise


Price: 9.5

Olmeca reposado tequila and ginger ale with the flavours of blackcurrants and ginger beer tip, what a refreshing little devil.

Blue Mountain

Price: 13

A sexy blend of Jamaican Appleton white rum & grapefruit soda. Served blue yet changing colours. Accompanied by the tiki gods’ favourite rum grilled marshmallow.

Painkiller #2

Price: 13

Kanaloa’s very own twist on Soggy Dollar 1970′s bespoke rum concoction Havana 3, Wood’s Navy shaken with coconut and honey cream, exotic fruit juices & absinthe.

Jungle Juice

Price: 11

Welcome to the jungle… This new tiki classic entwines our famous Kanaloa grog with nui nui, Green Chartreuse and other tropical juices to bring out the wild side in you.

Kanaloa Favourites...

Tommy’s Margarita

Price: 9.5

Olmeca reposado tequila shaken with agave syrup and fresh lime juice. Just like the Margarita legend Julio intended it to be


Price: 11

Spends his time outside Kanaloa. When a super hero fell in love with our shores he couldn’t resist one too many. An exotic twist of Hennessy VS, crème de mure & pomegranate syrup.

Hendrick’s Island

Price: 11

Hendrick’s gin chilling out with elderflower cordial, lemon and cucumber. Just refreshing!

Dark & Stormy

Price: 9.5

This top selling beverage consists of Goslings Black Seal Rum & ginger beer, lime optional, enjoyment compulsory.

Insane Tropez

Price: 11

A true taste of VIP, Trois Rivierise blanc French style rum with a smooth, vibrant and fruity taste finished with a hint of Ribena.


Price: 9

Another classic, Havana 3, sugar syrup and lime juice, served straight up with a crooked smile…

The Mo’hee’to

Price: 9

Made simply with Havana 3, over cubed ice and topped with sparkling mineral water.


Price: 11

Kanaloa’s top seller – a simple and subtle blend of Cîroc, apple and pomegranate juices with lime juice, lemongrass and gardenia honey. £ 11.00

Kanaloa Kula

Price: 11

Our signature drink – a god amongst drinks. A blend of Havana Club Anejo Especial, lemon, star anise, lime sugar, pomegranate juice and finished with a fizz


Krakatoa! serves 4

Price: 50

Witness your very own apocalypse as this once peaceful island erupts in flame! Kanaloa grog, raspberries & strawberries, cranberry and apple juices set ablaze by our own overproof & caramel rum blend… £ 50.00

1931 to Honolulu serves 3

Price: 30

Relive the excitement of a commercial flight to paradise, Add some Captain Morgan Spiced and share it with friends

Zombie Sharer serves 4

Price: 60

Our interpretation of Don Beach’s monster drink includes 7 different rums, splashes of absinthe, Wray & Nephew, spiced liqueurs, maraschino cherry liqueur, pomegranate, passion and grapefruits

Kanaloa Pink Pearl serves 10

Price: 160

Honey, lime, sparkling Rose, strawberries and Absolut Raspberri come together in this pearl of a sharer

Dead Man’s Chest serves 10

Price: 150

Kanaloa’s famous Dead Man’s Chest is a must every time you visit the island. Kanaloa brings us this colossal concoction of white rum, fruit juices, over proof rum and ice cold Perrier-Jouët champagne, a fantastic party starter.